Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Entrega definitiva


Planta 0
Planta 1

Planta 2

Planta 3

Planta 4

Planta cubierta

Sección constructiva y perspectiva

Montaje de paneles de paja!!!

A continuación se adjunta el enlace a un video muy interesante del sistema de montaje de los paneles de paja.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

avance de secciones

 Sección transversal

Sección longitudinal

Main idea!!!

With the project we pretend to answer serial questions which came out by doing the previous analysis.

The proposal includes our lot and part of the sea, with a porous structure. Using this strategy we can create a diffused hierarchy of spaces and limits, and a mixture of private and publics uses. Promoting the personal relationships is what it makes us generate the main ideas of our project.

The relation of cultural and gastronomic uses gives an architectural atmosphere with certain guidelines which are already established.